Many people who leave work for the retirement lifestyle find themselves looking for that extra something to add purpose to their lives. Of course, family and friends add just such a fabulous purpose in retirement. But if you have just left the hectic pace of a very busy workplace, there is a good chance that you are in need of adding some structure to your day, to your week.

Looking for Challenges to Complement Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Some can achieve this via a very active social life.

Others supplement an active social life with volunteer activities.

And yet again there are others who wish to explore:

  • Further education
  • Investment opportunities
  • Making a side income
  • Design ideas around the house
  • Design ideas in arts and crafts
  • Entrepreneurial pursuits
  • New Hobbies
  • etc.

So this site is intended to provide, and share, ideas for creative-minded, young-at-heart enterprising Baby Boomers.

Gift Giving as Part of a Retirement Lifestyle

It doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, there are always requirements as well as opportunities to find that special gift, perhaps for your ex-coworkers or your grand kids or your spouse or friends you socialise with.

To find that special gift, browse one of the Categories listed in the menu to find unique job-related presents or graphic t shirts for sporting enthusiasts or gift-giving ideas that match hobbies.

And if you are looking for that just-right gift for someone who is about to retire, you can find some neat ideas suggested in the following article:

What is a Good Retirement Gift?

Bright Gifts