Funny Gifts for Accountants

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Are you are trying to think of an accounting gift idea for a friend or family member or your valued CPA? Below you can find some funny accounting slogans on t-shirts that can make a unique, but fitting, gift for the accountant in your life. We also showcase other accounting gift ideas such as coffee mugs, caps and miscellaneous theme-related presents.

Perhaps accountancy is your own career. In that case, treat yourself to one of these t-shirts below. Or perhaps you are in the market for some office coffee mugs. Or maybe a trucker hat or a neck tie is what you really need.

You are sure to get a laugh from accounting colleagues.

Accounting Slogans on T-Shirts

What better way to show appreciation to a fellow CPA than a job-related gift. People love shirts that match their careers.

Retired Accountants Just Recalculate Funny Quote Gift T-Shirt

Accountant Funny Pun – Don’t Worry It Will All Add Up T-Shirt

Gifts with Funny Accounting Slogans

Designs by GJG Creations

  • by brightstyle

    Accountants Recalculate Tie $29.50 by brightstyle

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    In Accounting Postcard $1.45 by brightstyle

  • by brightstyle

    Calculating Accountant Tie $29.50 by brightstyle

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    Life of an Accountant T-Shirt $22.45 by brightstyle

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    Life of an Accountant Neck Tie $29.50 by brightstyle

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    Balancing the Books Tie $29.50 by brightstyle

  • by brightstyle

    No Accounting for Accountants Neck Tie $29.50 by brightstyle

International Accounting Day

Did you know there is actually a day dedicated to Accountants?

Well if you did, full credit to you. Credit is even more deserving if you know the date. Yes, it is celebrated on the 10th of November.

Apparently it harks back to a ground-breaking publication in 1494 by Luca Pacioli, considered the Father of Accounting. This led to a new bookkeeping system being used in Europe and other parts of the world.

So this knowledge provides a perfect opportunity to surprise  a fellow CPA with an accountant appreciation day gift.

And if you are an accountant yourself, then Accounting Day provides a brilliant opportunity to advertise your business. T-Shirts with relevant slogans are perfect for this.

But in addition, you could hand out little tokens to customers, tokens that they might use on a daily basis. Such items could include a quote that reminds them about your accountancy practice.

But of course a good accountant deserves to be shown appreciation throughout the year. What better way to do it than to buy a funny accounting gift for the office.

Your Accountant Business Cards of course are a no-brainer when it comes to advertising.  But how about a mouse pad or notepad with a funny slogan? These make  ideal giveaways on Accountancy Day.

Accountant Coffee Mugs from Zazzle Designers

Themed Face Masks Can Make Funny Gifts for Accountants

You might like to consider the following if you happen to be practising accountancy in a country where face masks are fast becoming the norm.

Accounting Face Masks from Zazzle Designers

By nature, accountancy focuses on financial matters and budgets. So you could also consider gift items related to share trading and the stock market.

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