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Find Out with an Introvert Personality Type Test

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Are you the type that rushes to catch up to a friend that you just spotted across the street? Or are you the type of personality that dons sunglasses and continues shopping, hoping to avoid a lengthy conversation? I know that sometimes I have been guilty of the latter. Not always of course but sometimes. Is it laziness? Is it shyness? Am I an introvert?

What Kind of Introvert are You?

Interestingly enough, there are varying degrees when it comes to types of introverts.

I know that I have felt completely at ease having to do a presentation in front of an audience of 100 or so people. But when it comes to speaking up in front of a tiny group of peers, the heart starts to beat a little faster. Go figure!!!

I am one who is never bored when home alone; there are always so many things I like to do. But on the other hand, I enjoy meeting others for coffee or going out for dinners and socialising with our friends.

So which type of introvert am I? Or am I part-introvert, part-extrovert? Or am I simply an extrovert who loves some me-time?

What about you?

If you tend more towards being shy, what type of introvert are you?

Find out with an Introvert Personality Type Test

How did you go?

It’s quite possible that you disagree wtih the findings. Or you might think:

Yes, that’s me. I am an introvert

But more to the point, are you happy being on the shy-side or would you prefer to be a little more outgoing, more inclined to get up in front of an audience and express your opinion?


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