Why Set Goals When Retired? 3 Compelling Reasons

Goal Setting

We have a wide circle of friends. Some retired last year, some have been retired for quite a while now and others are wannabe retirees. Among those who are now living the retired lifestyle, by far the happiest appear to be those who set goals on a regular basis. They are always working towards an interesting goal that they wish to achieve.

Living into the day can be enjoyable when you are on holiday. But, in my opinion, it doesn’t stack up day in and day out when you are back home.

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Start a House Flipping Business Buying and Flipping Houses

House Flipping - photo by Pavel Danilyuk

A friend of ours recently did quite well out of a real estate investment. She bought a house with potential. After a lot of value-added work, she was able to sell it for a profit. However, there was quite a length of time between buying and selling. House flipping, the kind of real estate investment strategy discussed in this article, usually has a shorter turnaround time.

In case you are new to house flipping, let’s look at a definition:

House flipping typically refers to buyers who purchase distressed properties, fix them up, and then resell them for a profit.

Jamie Johnson – How To Flip A House: A Starting Guide | Rocket Mortgage

In the following guest article, written by Amy, you can find some very useful tips on house flipping. These ideas can help you decide if it is an investment strategy that appeals to you. It should be noted that real estate regulations and fees vary between countries. The following might not be applicable to the laws in your country. Stamp Duty taxes, for example, can influence your decisions.

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7 Fun Puzzles and Free Brain Teasers for Adults with Answers

Puzzles for Adults

Here we are travelling in our caravan again, taking a chance with possible border closures, typical in a pandemic world.  So far so good. However, border crossings are not the type of puzzles that I am talking about in this article.

Actually, most borders in Australia are open, at the moment. Not all, but most. The omicron case number, however, are not to be taken lightly. So we are taking extra precautions as we travel from place to place.

On the other hand, many of the areas, on our itinerary, have been experiencing stormy weather. Somehow, we have managed to miss most of these drenching downpours, with the exception of 1 or 2 days.

Free Brain Teasers for Adults

So, it was probably on one of these stormy days that I checked out a suggested word puzzle.

Its name?

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4 Extra Good Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him and for Her

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Many are happy to let the 14th of February disappear into the rest of the week. Others hold out hope for a day that is especially romantic. Still others feel complete indifference at a time when many are shopping for red roses and chocolates.

Valentine’s Day Means Different Things to Different People

And I guess I am no different. Valentine’s Day definitely means different things to me. For starters, the 14th February just happens to be my sister’s birthday. That is one birthday date I will never miss.

On the romance side, it happens to be just 4 days before my husband and I met. So, each year, we wait for the 18th of February to celebrate our Valentine’s Day. There are advantages in doing that – less competition for restaurant bookings, greater supply of flowers, a restocking of romantic gift ideas etc. etc.

But for those of you who have little interest in the day or who can’t wait for it to come and go, there are other ways to think of the day. It doesn’t have to be all about romance. It can simply be a day when we show our appreciation to a friend or express our affection to a family member. No doubt that would be one of the reasons that we now have Galentine’s Day on the 13th.

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Bright Gifts