How to Type an Umlaut in Microsoft Word

How to type an umlaut

I have been learning the German language for what seems an eternity. I have been taking classes, doing online exercises, learning how to type an umlaut, watching YouTube videos and trying to listen to German news segments.

Perhaps all of that sounds tedious. But it isn’t. I actually thoroughly enjoy learning another language.

I do believe that I have made considerable progress. However, those notions are strongly challenged when a native German speaker strikes up a conversation with me.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy writing, or trying to write, in German. Hence, the need to be able to type umlauts, vowels with those 2 little dots on top. An umlaut simply changes the way that a vowel is sounded.

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Am I an Introvert? Take the Test

Am I Shy?

Find Out with an Introvert Personality Type Test

Are you the type that rushes to catch up to a friend that you just spotted across the street? Or are you the type of personality that dons sunglasses and continues shopping, hoping to avoid a lengthy conversation? I know that sometimes I have been guilty of the latter. Not always of course but sometimes. Is it laziness? Is it shyness? Am I an introvert?

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Are Baby Boomers Retiring?

Baby Boomers in Retireement

Statistics on Retirement Trends

I have been wondering how the 2020 pandemic has affected retirement plans of seniors. Are baby boomers retiring in the numbers they always did or has all of that changed now? Has it had an impact on your plans or have you left work behind you?

Before we look at the stats, let’s revisit which years actually define a baby boomer. This was demographic was born out of a post-war boom, so we are looking at the years from 1946 to 1964. This means that the first years that boomers reached 65, a common retirement age, would have been 2011.

Old Enough to Retire Young Enough to Enjoy It Retiring Gift T-Shirt

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How to Get Traffic to My Blog

Getting Traffic to my Blog

Can You Rank Without Backlinks?

So you have just launched your new blog. Now what? How to get traffic to your new blog is the big question.

Backlinks, sites linking to your site, can give your site more authority in the eyes of search engines. But they need to be natural.

One of the tasks that I absolutely dislike is link building. Perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that it is manual, artificial link building that I detest.

Fortunately, artificial link building is frowned upon by Google anyway. If a site can attract links from other sites in a natural way, then that site is on the right path. Those links represent a stamp of approval from other websites.

But it takes content to attract other sites naturally linking to your blog.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

So what do you do when just starting out? You have no traffic; almost no-one knows that your content is out there.

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Significance of Red Roses


Don’t you simply love roses? Whatever the occasion, roses are always a big hit. But given the time of the year, I was curious about the significance of red roses in particular, beyond the usual romantic notion that is. When I started my research, I was surprised to learn of the significance of other colours, such as yellow or orange.

Meaning of Rose Colours

This became a topic of conversation recently when we were wanting to send some flowers to a couple who were about to be married.

What colour should the flowers be?

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