Blog Income Reports 2020

Australian Currency Notes

Monthly Earning From a Blog

I must say I am a sucker for monthly blog income reports. I love seeing how others are earning from a blog. However, these reports can be both encouraging as well as daunting to even downright discouraging.

Let me put that statement into some kind of perspective.

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Senior Bloggers Over 60 – 4 Blogs Written by Older Adults


At the risk of starting off with a cliched expression, it really is never too late to start. And what I’m talking about here is senior bloggers starting their own websites.

Blogging can be such an engrossing and rewarding activity. This goes for a hobby blog as much as it does for an income-producing blog. Mind you, most blogs that start out as a hobby usually transition further down the track into generating some form of income as well.

There is no shortage of retirees embarking on a blogging ‘career’ after leaving their full-time job. So are you in good company if the blogging idea is starting to tempt you.

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Things to Do When Retired and Bored

Retirement Hobbies

That long-awaited day has now arrived. It’s the day you have most likely been looking forward to most of your working life: Retirement. But what now? If you are one of the lucky ones, then you already have a long list of retirement hobbies just waiting for your attention, along with an impressively long list of other things to do when retired.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some kind of direction in your retired life then you are in the good company of many, many others.

If you are feeling lost, or lacking some kind of direction or structure in your daily routine and perhaps missing the social contact that work provided, then here are some retirement hobbies and other ideas to help steer you towards a better place.

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RV Travel Checklist – What to Pack for …


Camping or a Sailing Trip or Travel in General

At this very moment, we are sitting outside, sipping coffee under tropical palm trees, in the company of a large family of ducks fossicking for the odd tidbit that might fall to the ground. The ducks I mean.

Now this could easily be a scene from our own area on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. But this time I’m talking 1,200 or so kilometers further north.

Airlie Beach

Yes we are in Airlie Beach, gateway to the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. We are sitting under the awning of our caravan, watching birdlife strutting around the park.

Tomorrow we leave our van where it is and take the ferry across to Hamilton Island for a week of sailing.

So the challenge for us was how to efficiently pack for 2 different types of holidays in 1 trip.

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What to Write About in Your Blog


Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

You’ve taken the plunge and started your own blog. Well done! But what now? What can you write about?

Your days will now be filled with an endless list of creative design ideas that you can incorporate in your blog. 

You’ve selected your niche, found a theme you really like (most likely a WordPress theme), created your logo and let the world know that you are now a blogger worth reading. 

But what on earth are you going to write about? I’ve been there. You can end up going around in circles trying to pick a topic.

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