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We Have Given In – Caravan Camping Here We Come

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Well I never thought I would see the day.  We just bought a caravan. And it looks like we are in good company. With international borders all but closed, many others have opted for caravan travel as well, in lieu of overseas travel.

So, as soon as social distancing restrictions have been relaxed, we will join the many other caravanners who have hit the road.

Friends and family members are avid campers and love taking off in their caravan for a long weekend or an extended holiday.  But we have always argued that the whole exercise of owning a caravan, given the frequently-increasing cost of park fees, simply makes staying in bed-and-breakfasts a more appealing option. 

In addition, up until now we have done our fair share of overseas travel.

But, NOW it is a little different.

Now that covid-19 has descended on the world, and we are all adhering to social distancing, travelling to Europe or the US from Australia has been put on the back burner, for the time being anyway. In fact, at the time of writing this post, our own state borders are yet to be re-opened. But travelling within our own state is becoming more and more viable as restrictions on travel are gradually being relaxed.

So, in short, it is time to explore more of our own country, or should I say, more of our own state. And all of a sudden, a caravan seemed like an appealing option.

Another plus, with respect to caravanning, is the fact that it is relatively easy to keep up with any online entrepreneurial pursuits that one might be undertaking. All that is needed is a good internet connection and some spare time in the evenings, of which there will be plenty I’m sure. So whether it is blogging or creating designs to sell on t-shirts or share market trading, travelling in a caravan can easily allow it.

Which Caravan?

So what did we choose? We were not in the market for a new SUV so our choice of caravan was dictated by the towing capability of our current 4 wheel drive, a Jeep Compass.

We looked at a number of makes and models and ended up deciding on a 5 year old Jayco Starcraft.

A Jayco Starcraft Caravan

It is smallish but cute and the layout feels more spacious than expected. I like the accessories it came with such as a TV with a good aerial, a microwave, reverse cycle air conditioner and a sturdy awning.

Caravan Speak

And now we have added another language to our repertoire.

Once you join the caravan enthusiasts’ club, there is no end to what you can talk about just as there is no end to the accessories and gadgets you can buy.

For example, the conversation, which always comes with experienced advice, might go something like this:

Which awning did you decide to buy? Great. Make sure you get some lights fitted to the outer horizontal edge.

So your van has an outside shower. Neat!! If I were you, I’d get an outdoor shower tent with a drying cubicle for when you go off road.

Are you going to install solar for when you don’t have access to power? If I were you, I would get a portable solar unit. That way you can have your van in the shade and position the solar panel out in the sun.

Caravan Camping Accessories

So what are we looking at here? Again there is no end to the spending possibilities once you get a van.

For example, the adept caravan camper really should have, at the bare minimum, the following (includes affiliate product links):

  • Portable BBQ
  • Outdoor camping chairs or banana lounges
  • Portable Table for outside eating
  • A motorised jockey wheel to aid maneuverability in those tough-to-park spots.
  • Tow bar locks
  • Caravan cover
  • Awning & Annex
  • Additional mirrors to aid towing and backing
  • Device to distribute caravan weight when towing
  • Wheel chocks
  • Solar panels

And I haven’t even covered purchases for inside the van yet. It goes without saying that one needs the right kind of plates & cooking utensils along with bedding and cleaning items.

Should I go on? If you are looking to join the caravan world and you have a budget, bump those figures up a little because there will be many more outlays than you might expect in the beginning.

But that’s half the fun of taking off in a van, right?

Well we are about to find out.

Caravan Travels Ahead

We will set off soon for a two week exploration trip along the coast of Queensland, joining the many other retirees and leisure seekers.

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