How to Get Traffic to My Blog

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Getting Traffic to my Blog

Can You Rank Without Backlinks?

So you have just launched your new blog. Now what? How to get traffic to your new blog is the big question.

Backlinks, sites linking to your site, can give your site more authority in the eyes of search engines. But they need to be natural.

One of the tasks that I absolutely dislike is link building. Perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that it is manual, artificial link building that I detest.

Fortunately, artificial link building is frowned upon by Google anyway. If a site can attract links from other sites in a natural way, then that site is on the right path. Those links represent a stamp of approval from other websites.

But it takes content to attract other sites naturally linking to your blog.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

So what do you do when just starting out? You have no traffic; almost no-one knows that your content is out there.

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Senior Bloggers Over 60 – 4 Blogs Written by Older Adults

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At the risk of starting off with a cliched expression, it really is never too late to start. And what I’m talking about here is senior bloggers starting their own websites.

Blogging can be such an engrossing and rewarding activity. This goes for a hobby blog as much as it does for an income-producing blog. Mind you, most blogs that start out as a hobby usually transition further down the track into generating some form of income as well.

There is no shortage of retirees embarking on a blogging ‘career’ after leaving their full-time job. So are you in good company if the blogging idea is starting to tempt you.

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What to Write About in Your Blog

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Blog Post Ideas for Beginners

You’ve taken the plunge and started your own blog. Well done! But what now? What can you write about?

Your days will now be filled with an endless list of creative design ideas that you can incorporate in your blog. 

You’ve selected your niche, found a theme you really like (most likely a WordPress theme), created your logo and let the world know that you are now a blogger worth reading. 

But what on earth are you going to write about? I’ve been there. You can end up going around in circles trying to pick a topic.

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Blogging for Fun or for Income – Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Is Blogging for You?

If you have enjoyed adding daily snippets to your Facebook page and clicking through to friends’ blogs, you might have already asked yourself if blogging is for you. It is quite possible that you could find considerable enjoyment in starting and maintaining your own blog.

Blogging for fun or for a side income

Photo by Amelia Bartlett on Unsplash

And no, blogging is not a thing of the past. You would be amazed at just how many people are making a substantial income blogging for fun and profit.  Many are blogging for a living.

Blogging for Seniors

I was surprised myself to see how many retirees or ‘after-workers’ have decided to vent their entrepreneurial spirit and venture into the world of blogging in order to make an online income.

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