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Start a House Flipping Business Buying and Flipping Houses

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House Flipping - photo by Pavel Danilyuk

A friend of ours recently did quite well out of a real estate investment. She bought a house with potential. After a lot of value-added work, she was able to sell it for a profit. However, there was quite a length of time between buying and selling. House flipping, the kind of real estate investment strategy discussed in this article, usually has a shorter turnaround time.

In case you are new to house flipping, let’s look at a definition:

House flipping typically refers to buyers who purchase distressed properties, fix them up, and then resell them for a profit.

Jamie Johnson – How To Flip A House: A Starting Guide | Rocket Mortgage

In the following guest article, written by Amy, you can find some very useful tips on house flipping. These ideas can help you decide if it is an investment strategy that appeals to you. It should be noted that real estate regulations and fees vary between countries. The following might not be applicable to the laws in your country. Stamp Duty taxes, for example, can influence your decisions.

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5 Easy Steps to Make Printables That Can Be Sold

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Make Printables to sell

You might have already come across articles about making a side income by selling printables online. It all sounds good, right? True enough. But how do you get started? We have already looked at the what printables are and how they differ from print on demand designs. Just to refresh your memory, printables are files that can be downloaded and printed by the customer. Print on Demand products are manufactured, with the artist’s design, and then shipped to the customer.

Now, let’s look at a step-by-step approach that you can follow to make printables yourself.

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What Are Printables?

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Making Money with Printables

Are you looking for a way to express your creative side and make money at the same time? If so, then printables could be what you are looking for. You might already be venting your creative side with designs for Print on Demand products.

Perhaps you are ready to further extend your little online business to include printables. Let’s see what the difference is so you can decide.

How Do Printables Differ from Print on Demand?

Both provide a great vehicle for expressing your creativity.

Both can provide a way to make some additional money.

Neither require handling of inventory which means you can concentrate more on creating designs.

But let’s look more closely at how each business model works.

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Blog Income Reports 2020

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Australian Currency Notes

Monthly Earning From a Blog

I must say I am a sucker for monthly blog income reports. I love seeing how others are earning from a blog. However, these reports can be both encouraging as well as daunting to even downright discouraging.

Let me put that statement into some kind of perspective.

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How Does Selling on Redbubble Work for Artists

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How to Sell Art & Photography

Imagine waking up to find this upbeat sales notification in your email inbox:

Talk about encouraging!! I love the positive messages that Redbubble sends out to artists and photographers when one of their creations has sold.

You could, in no time at all, start receiving your own Redbubble emails with good news like this. So then, how does Redbubble work?

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