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Recently, my sister asked me if I knew any funny Santa jokes or stories. The joke or story was needed for a book club presentation. Well did I? Not a one, other than my slogan t-shirt pictured below.

What was I to do? Create some more funny Santa slogans that could be expanded into jokes? No I didn’t have enough time to do this. So I did what every other level-headed person would have done. I Googled it.

A Search for Funny Santa Stories

Not knowing a joke or a story off the top of my head, I went in search of some.

The funny Santa stories didn’t have to be long. In fact, the shorter the better because for joke-telling, you don’t want to stand up in front of your audience and start reading from a script, even if you happen to be an introvert.

Google to the rescue. I searched and searched and searched some more.

I certainly found lots of sites, but the jokes rarely brought a smile to my face. Then I stumbled on a real prize, a site with funny short stories about gift-giving and/or Santa Claus. I read the first story; it made me think for a minute and then I laughed. I started reading the second story, a longer story, and nearly every line had me laughing out loud. I knew, before even looking at the remaining stories that my search was over.

Delivery of These Funny Santa Stories

And did these funny Santa & Christmas stories serve the purpose? They sure did. They were a hit at the book club by the sound of it. But then, my sister might have had something to do with that; she is very sociable and would have had the audience spell-bound with her delivery. However, this site definitely gave her the material to work with.

A Link to the Funny Santa Joke and Story Collection

So, I’m sure by now that you want me to cut to the chase and share the link to these funny Santa stories. The site credits the original source of the stories.

A Great Bunch of Funny Christmas Stories

Gifts with Funny Santa Slogans

Have fun this holiday season; enjoy sharing humorous jokes and entertaining stories with friends and family.

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