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So you have just launched your new blog. Now what? How to get traffic to your new blog is the big question.

Backlinks, sites linking to your site, can give your site more authority in the eyes of search engines. But they need to be natural.

One of the tasks that I absolutely dislike is link building. Perhaps I should qualify that statement by saying that it is manual, artificial link building that I detest.

Fortunately, artificial link building is frowned upon by Google anyway. If a site can attract links from other sites in a natural way, then that site is on the right path. Those links represent a stamp of approval from other websites.

But it takes content to attract other sites naturally linking to your blog.

How to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog

So what do you do when just starting out? You have no traffic; almost no-one knows that your content is out there.

When you look at page 1 in the search results you wonder how on earth you can compete with the big guys!!

Well Neil Patel has recently posted a video that presents some fantastic tips.

Look at the title of the video: ‘A Dead Simple SEO Strategy That’ll Generate 1 Million Visitors‘. Now that’s my kind of “must-watch” bait.

So what is the gist of what Neil has to say?

Neil demonstrates this strategy using his tool, Ubersuggest.

Now, let me say, I have used this tool as a Chrome Extension for a long time. But I had no idea, prior to this video, just how much more I could get out of it.

The video initially uses a well-known site to show what is possible before providing an example in what could be your own niche.

Now obviously the well-known site featured in the video is a big-name site. But the strategy that is working for them can work for you. That is, the strategy of targeting questions that people are asking in their searches.

Questions People Also Ask

Think about the last time that you did a Google search online.

Or type in a search right now.

Did you notice that the results on the first page include a section headed ‘People Also Ask’, followed by 4 or so relevant questions? It doesn’t always happen but most of the time it does, if questions relate to the search term.

For example, let’s do a search with the phrase ‘Blogging for fun‘. Now this search is not phrased as a question but I still get a list of questions that supposedly others have asked or could ask.

The results speak for themselves:

Questions People Ask in Google

Each of these questions can suggest valuable ideas for your blog posts.

What Can You Learn from The Dead Simple SEO Strategy Video?

Neil has years of experience and provides so much value to his readers and clients.

So let’s see what my takeaways were after watching the video.

  1. Ubersuggest is such as valuable tool. Even the free version is invaluable. And free is probably what you are interested in if just starting out.
  2. Neil goes through an example of how you could apply this strategy to your own niche.
    • Enter a keyword or phrase relevant to your niche.
    • Click on Keyword Ideas
    • You can then see keywords listed with volume as well as their SEO Difficulty (SD) rating, among other stats.
    • To the right is a summary of the top 10 sites (page 1 of the results). This shows average backlinks and average domain authority. I love that!
    • Above the listing of keyword ideas is the label, Questions (#). If you click on that you can see a listing of questions that are related to your search term.
      • Any of the questions with decent search volume and low SD can be the focus of your blog posts.

Keep in mind, the free version of Ubersuggest limits how many searches you can do using the Keyword Ideas. At the time of writing it was 3 per day. If you have exhausted your 3 searches for the day, then you can utilise the questions suggested in the Google search results for the rest of your research day. (The Chrome Extension, with less data such as search volume and SD, is unlimited at the moment.)

Example Keyword Data Produced

Now recently I wrote an article about seniors blogging in retirement.

When I enter ‘senior bloggers’ into Ubersuggest and click on Keyword Ideas, I can see the following about the top 10 sites in the search results:

  • Search volume of 260
  • SEO difficulty of 25
  • Average of 6 backlinks
  • Average domain authority of 47

I can also see social shares and Cost Per Click data etc.

This data is priceless. It lets me know if I should target a particular keyword; it lets me know if I can compete with other sites and if enough people are searching for that type of content.

I definitely recommend going through all of the video above. It will give you lots and lots of ideas as you build up the authority and readership of your blog.


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