Horse Racing Gifts for Race Jockeys

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What do you get for that special person who makes a living riding race horses? Cool, casual tee shirts make ideal horse racing gifts for race jockeys enjoying their time off track.

Funny slogans and puns on gift ware also provide a truly unique present idea for race jockeys.

Jockey Tee Shirts & Gifts for Horse Racing Fans

National Jockey Celebration Day

If you mention the 1st of August in Europe, many will immediately think of Swiss National Day. But here in Australia, jockeys are being celebrated, as well as remembered, on this date. In fact the 16th anniversary of this day happens to be in 2 days time from the date of updating this post.

This recognition day was instigated by the National Jockeys Trust and the Australian Jockeys Association.

Known as Jockey Celebration Day, it provides an opportunity for people to recognise the contribution that jockeys have made to the racing industry.

Horse Racing Gifts for Jockeys – Zazzle Designers

As you might expect, themed face masks are in great demand at the moment. Hence, you can find any number of jockey-themed face masks on Zazzle.

But the range doesn’t stop there. You can find an endless number of gift ideas for jockeys and race fans. For example, you can shop for iPhone cases, table lamps, wallet cases, cards, coffee mugs, party napkins & invitations and so much more.

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Try browsing the complete Zazzle catalog of race gifts and presents for jockeys .

You can, in addition, find other job-related gifts here.



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