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How cute is the Australian koala. The designs on t-shirts, mugs and other items below make ideal souvenirs for overseas travelers to Australia. And if you are an Aussie, then what better t-shirt or coffee mug for yourself than one of these cartoon koalas displayed on apparel and other koala bear gift ideas.

Save the Koala Bear Cute Koala Cartoon Gift for Koala Lovers T-Shirt

But first let’s take a moment to think about the plight of koalas caught up in the bush fires of late.

Save the Koalas

What a challenging time koalas have been having. The bush fires in Australia have been absolutely devastating with respect to lives lost, homes destroyed and property lost along with the loss of native animals and their habitat.

I know we often refer to koalas as koala bears (I am guilty of this too) but in actual fact, as cute and cuddly as they appear, they are marsupials and not bears at all. 

Somewhat of a hurdle to their survival perhaps is the fact that koalas eat only certain leaves, namely eucalyptus leaves and then only a small number of the types available. Apparently a koala can eat as much as a kilo a day.

So fires and the consequent destruction of trees can have a huge impact on their chances of survival.

The animal rescue centres’ staff have been doing a fantastic job in trying to rescue as many injured koalas as they can in order to treat and rehabilitate them.

Koala Bear Gift Ideas from Zazzle

Below are some cute koala gift ideas for travellers as well as ex-pats.

  • Koala Mates Binder $29.25 by brightstyle

  • Bright Koalas Binder $29.25 by brightstyle

  • Koala Friends Magnet $4.50 by brightstyle

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