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Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Many are happy to let the 14th of February disappear into the rest of the week. Others hold out hope for a day that is especially romantic. Still others feel complete indifference at a time when many are shopping for red roses and chocolates.

Valentine’s Day Means Different Things to Different People

And I guess I am no different. Valentine’s Day definitely means different things to me. For starters, the 14th February just happens to be my sister’s birthday. That is one birthday date I will never miss.

On the romance side, it happens to be just 4 days before my husband and I met. So, each year, we wait for the 18th of February to celebrate our Valentine’s Day. There are advantages in doing that – less competition for restaurant bookings, greater supply of flowers, a restocking of romantic gift ideas etc. etc.

But for those of you who have little interest in the day or who can’t wait for it to come and go, there are other ways to think of the day. It doesn’t have to be all about romance. It can simply be a day when we show our appreciation to a friend or express our affection to a family member. No doubt that would be one of the reasons that we now have Galentine’s Day on the 13th.

What about Palentine’s Day, also celebrated on the 13th? I think that is a great idea, a day when we can express gratitude and affection to our many pals.

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

So how did we end up with one day in February that is set aside for celebrating friendship and love?

When I first started researching the 14th February, I was expecting to find a really romantic story. But some of the stories actually sound rather depressing. And there is a reasonable amount of debate as to which is the more accurate.

For example there are stories of a number of Valentines involved in martyrdom, not least of which was the imprisoned Saint Valentine of Rome in the 3rd century. After reading that, I thought surely there is an upside to the story. And of course there was, namely Valentine’s restoration of sight for his jailer’s blind daughter.

As you might expect, that original story has been revised and added to throughout the years, each time adding a little more of a romantic flavour. For example, it is said that the daughter received a farewell note signed “Your valentine”. February 14 was, years later, designated as the day to honour Saint Valentine. Over the centuries, the day became more and more associated with an expression of love.

Given our tendency to mark special occasions with a public holiday, I’m surprised that Valentine’s Day has not been so timetabled. But apparently this is the case worldwide.

There are various traditions that have become part-and-parcel of the 14th of February. These customs vary somewhat from country to country. You can read about them in great detail if you scan this Wikipedia Valentine’s Day article. You can also see a list of countries that do not celebrate the day at all.

Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Valentine’s Day Chocolates

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Browse other romantic gift ideas in the sweet’s department here (affiliate link):  Huge Range of Chocolates for Valentines

2. A Gift of Jewelry on the 14th February

CDE Forever Love Heart Women Necklace 925 Sterling Silver Rose Gold Plated Birthstone Pendant Necklaces for Women with Cubic Jewelry Gifts Birthday Gift for Mom Women Wife Girls Her

This is just one example of a romantic jewelry piece for Valentine’s Day. But there are so many ideas to choose from, for both male and female (affiliate link).

3. Clothing Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Marvel Avengers Candy Hearts Valentine’s Day T-Shirt


But no need to stop there. In the Valentine’s Clothing Category, you can find sweatshirts, raglan tops, sweaters and even kids clothing.

7 ate 9 Apparel Boy’s Mommy’s Little Valentine Baseball Tee 6 Months Red

4. Flowers for Valentine’s Day

You have quite the choice in this category. You can go for the traditional red rose which never fails to convey romance. Or you can select a bunch arrangement. And don’t forget, even artificial flowers pass the test these days. This catalog of floral ideas (affiliate link) is huge.

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Something for Everyone on Valentine’s Day

So, remember, Valentine’s Day can be a day for everyone. You might take the opportunity to make it a special day for a family member or perhaps for a special friend. You might be celebrating romance in your life. You might be making it a special day for a four-legged friend. You might be contacting a friend you haven’t seen for ages. And hopefully you are treating yourself to something special on the day.

Either way, I hope it turns out to be a wonderful day all round.

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