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A friend of ours recently did quite well out of a real estate investment. She bought a house with potential. After a lot of value-added work, she was able to sell it for a profit. However, there was quite a length of time between buying and selling. House flipping, the kind of real estate investment strategy discussed in this article, usually has a shorter turnaround time.

In case you are new to house flipping, let’s look at a definition:

House flipping typically refers to buyers who purchase distressed properties, fix them up, and then resell them for a profit.

Jamie Johnson – How To Flip A House: A Starting Guide | Rocket Mortgage

In the following guest article, written by Amy, you can find some very useful tips on house flipping. These ideas can help you decide if it is an investment strategy that appeals to you. It should be noted that real estate regulations and fees vary between countries. The following might not be applicable to the laws in your country. Stamp Duty taxes, for example, can influence your decisions.


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Many seniors begin looking for a new passion after retirement, which is a great time to try something different or start on a journey to a fulfilling second career. If you’ve always wanted to get into the real estate business, there’s no time like the present to learn more about the process of house flipping.

When done correctly, flipping a house can bring in additional money, but it’s crucial to do your research before beginning to make sure you understand both the risks and the benefits involved.

Seniors can use the information in this article to learn more about how to start a house flipping business.

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Bigger House Flipping Projects

Find Your House Flipping Team

Once you’re ready to move on to a bigger project, you’ll want to have knowledgeable, trustworthy people on your side to help you find the best house and get through the renovation. This might include an experienced lender, a real estate agent, and a contractor who will assist with making decisions about repairs and updates.

Having a team will give you peace of mind, throughout the process, that you’re making the right decisions so that you can avoid going way over budget.

Prepare for Competition in the Real Estate Market

Over time, you and your team will work seamlessly together. Starting out, however, you might be surprised at the amount of competition there is in the real estate market.

You may find a great deal on a distressed property and think you have the sale in the bag only to have another buyer swoop in and undercut you.

Keep an eye on real estate trends, learn about your state’s foreclosure laws, and be prepared for last-minute changes so you’ll never have a nasty surprise to deal with.

Is House Flipping for You?

Starting your own house flipping business may seem like a daunting task, especially in retirement. But if you’ve always wanted to learn more about real estate and how to convert a house that needs some work into a profitable sale, these tips can help you get started and prepare you for an exciting new journey.

Author: Amy Collett:

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