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Don’t you simply love roses? Whatever the occasion, roses are always a big hit. But given the time of the year, I was curious about the significance of red roses in particular, beyond the usual romantic notion that is. When I started my research, I was surprised to learn of the significance of other colours, such as yellow or orange.

Meaning of Rose Colours

This became a topic of conversation recently when we were wanting to send some flowers to a couple who were about to be married.

What colour should the flowers be?

Could they be roses?

Could they be red roses? Probably not.

Bit does it even matter?

Red Roses, Yellow Roses – What Do They Mean?

Everyone knows that red equates to romance. But what about the other coloured roses? And how does the meaning change with multiple roses?

Let’s look at the colours first:

  • Red roses as we know mean love and romance.
  • Yellow roses represent friendship (the meaning has changed through the years significantly). So you can safely send yellow flowers to a friend without stepping on any romantic toes.
  • White roses signify innocence; they are sometimes called the bridal rose.
  • Pink roses can mean anything from appreciation through to admiration; they have a gentle touch about their message.
  • Orange means enthusiastic admiration.
  • Mixed Colors again have different meanings, according to
    • Red and White – Unity
    • Red and Yellow – Happiness

I once knew of a scientist who was working on the creation of a blue rose. I guess the project never panned out as I am yet to see a naturally grown blue rose. Spray painted yes, but not growing in the garden. However, there are apparently genetically modified versions that approximate a similar colour, perhaps more lilac in tone.

But would you believe that roses with more than one colour have a meaning of their own as well!! For example, a white rose with pink tips? But the combinations are endless, too many to list here.

Significance of Rose Numbers

Most of us would understand what it means if you receive a single rose from your significant other. But what if it is 2 or 3 or more?

  • 1 Rose – Well actually I should qualify the first statement because I didn’t know that a single rose could mean love at first sight as well.
  • 2 Roses – expressing mutual love.
  • 3 Roses – meaning “I love you”, sometimes used for a 3 month anniversary.
  • 6 Roses – love approximating infatuation.
  • 10 Roses – perfection.
  • 12 Roses – we are all familiar with the term “a dozen roses”, 12 represents complete love.

Rose Trivia

I certainly didn’t know that the rose was the national flower of England. It makes sense when we think back to the War of the Roses.

Rose Products

A rose is more than sheer beauty to look at. Among its many by-products are:

  • Perfumes
  • Rose Water
  • Rose Petal Teas

Single Red Emoji Rose Meaning – Is it the Same as Sending Red Roses?

The rose emoji was first approved in 2010.

As an emoji, the rose can be used to mean a few different sentiments:

  1. Love and Romance on Valentine’s Day
  2. Affection on Mother’s Day
  3. Beauty

This emoji varies little from platform to platform so it is easily recognised.

However, if you need glasses, make sure you are wearing them when sending a loved one a rose emoji. You don’t want to choose the wilted version by mistake as that signifies sadness and loss.

Enjoy your rose experiences.


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